18 January 2011

Trivia Question 6

Helene Joy currently plays the role of Dr Julia Ogden in Murdoch Mysteries. As well as her role in the show, she has also been playing the lead role of Audrey Sweeney in Durham County. The question?

How many times has Helene Joy been nominated for a Gemini Award for her roles in Murdoch Mysteries and Durham County?


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  2. Nominated 2x and Won 1x...I didn't notice my typo! Whoops, fixed now!

  3. Oooooh, close Kaci but not quite there :)

  4. I believe she has been nominated 3 times and one once (for Durham County)

    I love the new poll question by the way! The one that got my vote (The Knockdown, with the ferret escapade was hilarious!!!)