9 January 2011

Trivia Question 5

Well done to Kaci and Gill who both got the 4th question correct. Brackenreid's nickname for Crabtree is Bugalugs..where it came from I have no idea.

The next question is below:

As we all know, Yannick Bisson, Thomas Craig, Helene Joy and Jonny Harris are the actors who portray Detective William Murdoch, Inspector Thomas Brackenreid, Dr Julia Ogden and Constable George Crabtree in the most recent TV series, but who played the four roles in the Movies of the Week that came out in 2004/2005?

Good luck

N x


  1. Peter Outerbridge - William Murdoch
    Matthew MacFadzean - George Crabtree
    Colm Meaney - Brackenreid
    Keeley Hawes - Julia Ogden

    I love the cast that is presently on Murdoch Mysteries, they are each so talented and unique. Wouldn't want it to change!

  2. I agree MM, the cast they have on the show now is great, but there are working with different material to the original cast.

    The original Movies of the Weeks worked direct from the books. The actors drew their inspiration and motivation from what they read in the books written by Maureen so these characters are truer to the characters maureen created.

    The cast we have now work from scripts and, whilst they are all brilliant and I couldn't imagine anyone else playing these roles now, I doubt they are what was originally envisaged when the characters were created.