5 January 2011

Trivia Question 2

Congrats to MMFan who was the first to submit the correct answer to the first trivia question. Det William Murdoch's birthday is 2 July 1863.

Here is question 2:

British actor Thomas Craig plays the role of no nonsence Inspector Thomas Brackenreid, what was the name of the character that he played in UK soap Coronation Street?

Answers as comments please.


  1. I believe his character name on Coronation street was Tommy Nelson?
    He is a great actor! I would love to meet him someday.

  2. Close MMfan.....Tommy Nelson was the original name for the character but it wasn't the one the show's producers went with when his character joined the show.

    And he is a great actor and a lovely man..made us feel so welcome on set when we met him.

  3. Tommy Harris! And he certainly wasn't a "miserable sod" when we got to meet him!

  4. YAY!! Well done to Kaci, Tommy Harris it was