1 January 2011

Murdoch in the UK

As all of you fans know, the first episode of season 3 was partly filmed in Bristol, UK.

Me, along with a number of other fans had the privilege of travelling to the city and got to watch the filming that was done over three days during the August bank holiday 2009.

We all got to meet and chat with Yannick Bisson and the guest star, Lisa Faulkner, who returns to the show in season four. They were both lovely to talk to, as were the crew, some of whom found it hard to believe we had travelled so far to watch the show being filmed.

It was a great few days and amazingly, the three 12 hour days of filming that we watched equated to only 5 minutes on the screen!!!

Below are some of the pics that were taken over that weekend...I took close to 400 pics in total so it was hard to select a few but here they are


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