1 January 2011

My Visit to Toronto and the set of Murdoch Mysteries

I had the pleasure of visiting Toronto, Canada in November 2010. During my visit I had the honour and the privilege of being able to visit the set of the show.

During my visit I got to meet all of the main cast, as well as several guest stars. The line up of guest stars for season four looks amazing.  

As well as the cast, who we all see on our screens evertime we watch the show, the crew are just as integral in making the show as popular and as brilliant as it is. A huge thank you to crew members Director Cal Coons, Director of Photography and Gemini Award Nominee Jim Jeffrey, Writer Larry Lalonde, Chief Make-Up Artist and Gemini Award Nominee Debi Drennan, Props Master Craig Grant (and of course Monkey), Producer Steven Montgomery and many others, all who made our visits fun, enjoyable and so fantastic.

My friend and fellow fan, Kaci Wilson, came with me and we got the witness some of the funniest, emotional, nail-biting and wonderful scenes of season four. All I can say is that if the rest of the season is as good as the few scenes that we saw, we are definitely in for the best season of Murdoch Mysteries to date.

Many pictures were taken by both Kaci and I whilst we were there, and below are a few of my favourites. A big, big thank you to Iden Ford who arranged our visits to set, escorted us there and also took a lot of pics with his little point and shoot Leica camera. Some of the pics below were taken by him

Whilst we did meet Helene whilst we were there, out of respect for her wishes, no pictures will be posted.   Here are some of the pictures that I took whilst on set...enjoy.


  1. Great blog! I was wondering if you have any tips or advice on how to find the cast of the Murdoch mysteries?

  2. Hey, Awesome blog! I am going to Toronto soon and i was hopeing to catch a glimps at the set of the greatest show ever and i was wondering where is the set and when is the best ime to go to see the cast members?

  3. Hey, the set isn't in the same place as I was when I went. They have a new studio now. You wouldn't just be able to turn up as they have security there to stop that from happening, at least they did when I went

  4. Hey, I was wondering how were you able to locate where the studio was in 2010, you mentioned Iden Ford helped you, how did you contact the people in charge?
    any help would be appreciated