6 January 2011

Trivia Question 3

There are so many great questions that I could ask about this wonderful show and it's cast/characters.

I would just like to say that Murdoch Mysteries has fans on both sides of the huge ocean we like to call "the pond" so the questions will be a mixture of questions about both the Canadian, American, UK and all the other UK actors that have appeared in the show. The only thing I can promise you though is that all of the answers to the questions can either be found in the episodes themselves or in the public domain.

Anyways, trivia question three is below:

Thomas Craig is not the only actor from Coronation Street to have appeared in Murdoch Mysteries. Which other actor appeared in the season one episode "The Rebel and the Prince?

And for a bonus, what are the names of the character's he played in both series?

Good luck

1 comment:

  1. Chris Gascoyne played David Jennings in The Prince and The Rebel! He played Peter Barlow in Corrie! :)