1 January 2011

Season 4 Premieres.......

The fourth season of Murdoch Mysteries premieres on Wednesday 16 March on City TV.

A date for the UK has yet to be confirmed, but if it is like the last three years, it will commence around four weeks before Canada. As it usually airs at 9pm GMT on a Tuesday evening, this would make it on or around 8 February.

Please note that this is unconfirmed and I will post the confirmed information as soon as I have it.


1 comment:

  1. i can't wait for ths new season? things i hope for the new season

    1. i hope they give george more depth with some interesting character development, maybe Little Olden will make a move on our favorite constable!

    2. more mysteries related to the event, myths and thinking of that period (like they did with eurgnics etc...)

    3. more apparition of celebrity figures of the time like tesla, buffalo etc...

    4. if Julia comes back to TO and still have feelings for Williams she better be prepared to fight for him..

    5. William should have moved on and welcome Julia with a cold shoulder, so cold u can catch a cold if u seat next to him