18 February 2011

Yannick guests on "The Listener"

A little birdie has mentioned that Mr Bisson has a guest role in season two of The Listener, also produced by Shaftesbury, who produce Murdoch.

The link below is to a video that goes behind the scenes of the making of season 2...keep an eye out for a guy in a blue sweater with Lauren Lee Smith and a guy with a baby.



  1. Yannick Bisson with a baby...sigh :)

  2. Man in blue sweater - check
    Man with baby - check

    Never hear of this show but might want to check it out now!

  3. Does anyone know if Season 2 has started airing yet? And what network airs it? I agree with Kaci - it may be worth checking out!

  4. According to tv.com, the forst episode of season 2 "The Lady in the Lake, aired on 8 Feb and the 2nd "Crime Scene" was on 15 Feb.