7 February 2011

Season 4 Episode Guide & Season Opener Video

Hey all

Alibi has posted the season 4 episode guide and I have to say, it looks like there are some fantastic episodes to come.

Follow the link below to read a snippet of each episode:


As well as the episode guide, Alibi are also showing us the first few minutes of the season 4 opener "Tattered and Torn." It looks great and the link for that it below:


Enjoy everyone

N x


  1. Loved reading the snippets and looking at the tiny pix but if you don't live in the UK...you can't see the preview!

  2. Can't view the video :( But the episode previews sound fantastic - especially looking forward to 'Dead End Street' as this was the episode filmed in my city (Guelph, ON)

    Enjoy the premiere tomorrow night Nicky!