6 February 2011

Behind the Scenes on Season 4

Thank you to Denise B for finding this video on YouTube

Kelly MacDonald from The Accessible Channel visits the set of Murdoch Mysteries during the filming of season 4 and interviews the cast.


Enjoy everyone

N x


  1. This is so fun....thanks for finding it Denise and sharing it Nicky!

  2. Awesome! The gentleman who interviewed the cast played in Maureen Jennings 'No Traveller Returns' in London, ON this past weekend. Thanks for sharing this clip!

  3. Murdock seems to have ended again all of a sudden. I am guessing that when Julia was to be marrying Darcy and Murdock didnt show up yet that was the end of season 4???
    When can we expect season V to start??? We love this show so much and miss it. It seems to just start and then it is over.