13 February 2011

New Poll....

With 50% of the vote, Julia Ogden is the woman that those of you that voted wanted to see William settle down with.  Anna Fulford came in second with 30% and Sally Pendrick and Sarah Pensel each had 10%. Poor old Enid got no votes.

Here is the next poll....we all love William Murdoch, but which of Yannick's other alter egos is your favourite?

Enter the poll at the foot of the page and  have fun :)

N x


  1. This new poll is so unfair...before Murdoch, STFBE made Yannick the most famous but I first saw him when he played Mike McGregor in Genius....oy! It will take me all week to vote! :P

  2. We don't get much Canadian TV here :( So only ever seen him in Murdoch and Sue Thomas. Honestly started watching Murdoch because he was in it.

  3. What about "Brian Tedrow" his character in Soul Food? Definitely my favourite.

  4. He had so many great roles......if I had listed them all it would have gone on forever :)